Encountering Rosacea

by Mas. R.

this is Mas R., 24 years old, suffering from Rosacea. this what a dermatologist has told me recently. I'm taking some medicine and creams to decline the redness on my nose and cheeks.
it's a bit bothering me in social situations, everyone asking me "what has gone to ur face?" or " why r u so red?" and so on...
I;d like to create this journal to get the best advices from u, specially in food diets

Our reply

Hi Mas, thank you for sharing your story. We have an extensive section on self help for rosacea and I hope these can be helpful for you. We also have information on how to find the best rosacea diet for your own unique situation. Many people find that certain foods will cause rosacea to increase, and others will help to minimize the facial redness.

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