Goodbye Rosacea

by Jacqueline
(Dolphin Pt NSW Australia)

My dad has suffered with Rosacea for years now and i know he tries to control it but it is always flaring up. Now at 48 I am having the same thing happen to me. I blushed when I was young; I got red cheeks when I started drinking; painfully hot in the face in hot weather or in front of fires; hot showers left me scarlet....I am the ideal candidate for Rosacea..and I have fine Scottish skin! The catalyst is this week I am covered in red spots and it is painful making me cranky,and the doctor says Rosacea and I am not putting any of those chemical creams on my face as they make me feel ill. Already I use chemial-free products in the house and on our bodies like shampoo,conditioner,toothpaste,facial creams,sunscreens,
hairdyes, and drink filtered water.I am taking a Livertonic and omega 3's but looks like I am going to have to do even hot drinks, try the ***z-cleure.shtml*** products...increase water and alkaline foods...when I get rid of this rash my san kalpa is to try harder to clear my skin.

Our reply

Thank you for sharing Jaqueline! I wish you much success in clearing your rosacea naturally. I have found that our skin can change over time and so it can be very puzzling sometimes to find out exactly what might help. The most important thing is to develop a good working relationship with your body, and to be willing to go very very slowly at first. Sensitive skin can get easily overwhelmed with too many changes or too many ingredients added all at once. You are on a good track to finding solutions that will work for you. Please let us know what you learned!

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