Great hair, not so great face.

by Amanda
(Tennessee, U.S.A.)

In high school my face was fine. Yeah, I would have little breakouts here and there, but for the most part my skin was pretty clear. I have oily skin, so it was always a challenge to figure out how to deal with that, but otherwise it was fine. As I got into college, I had more breakouts, but still not as bad as it is now. I started going to a private college, and I was eating in the cafeteria and I just got tired of wearing makeup, so I kinda went off of it for a while. It just seemed like my face was so dry (during the winter time) and it just started breaking out a bunch. And now I have these really big zits that don't even want to pop sometimes. I know, you're not supposed to squeeze them, but i'd rather be scarred for life than have a monster(really painful at that) growing on my face. I have a theory that I might be allergic to gluten, but I've not been off of it for long enough to really notice a definite difference. But I'm open to other options.

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