Hormone Imbalance Symtoms and Your Skin

Discover how hormone imbalance symptoms can be contributing to your skin problems, and how to help!  Transcript is below.

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Hello everyone. This is Mashubi from mysensitiveskincare.com. Thank you so much for joining me once again for the My Sensitive Skin Care show.

Today, I'm going to talk with you a little bit about skin care and hormonal changes. The reason that I'm talking about this is, first, from my own experience, but also, I believe it’s very overlooked when people are going through the process of having a lot of skin rashes.

Now, there's a whole process to go through when you get skin rashes, because really, the cause could be anything. You do have to be somewhat of a detective to find out exactly what is going on here. 

You might have seen this on my website, (please see our Sensitive Skin Survival Guide).  I do recommend that you become a little bit of a detective and take a look at the soaps you're using, facial cleansers, facial products, shampoos.

Look at the ingredients. Go on a little bit fast. If you're having a really bad break out, I recommend that you just stop using your facial care products for a day or two or until your skin calms down. 

It’s just amazing. You can clean your skin very nicely with water. There are people that do that and do really well with it. So just take a break for a little while, then use one product and see how your face does. That's just as a way to start the process of trying to figure out exactly what's going on.

The other thing you want to look at is what's happening in your life. First of all, where are you in your life? If you're adolescent or young adult up to even 24 or 25 years old, you may be experiencing acne or breakouts that are related to hormonal changes. That happens as you start to move into adulthood and that can happen for both men and women and generally starts to calm down by the mid-20s. 

Women who are pregnant can go through all kinds of skin blotchiness, break outs. It can be very distressing to experience that when you already have so much change going on in your life. So that's another thing to look at. That's a great time.

When you’re pregnant or if you're going through a period of hormonal change, it’s a great time to just go easy on all the personal care and skin care products that you're using. I recommend that pregnant women learn about all the toxins in the environment and try to use safer products. I recommend that everyone do that regardless of whether you're pregnant or not because it makes a difference. 

Also, eventually, the larger skin care companies, they will get the message that we are interested in products that create safety and harmony rather than ill health for our skin.

Also, women who are going through menopause and the dramatic changes that happen of hormonal levels, this can create blotchiness on the skin and even breakouts and acne. It can be very, very distressing. Then of course, by that age, you're getting wrinkles. I know about this very well.

It's a really important thing when you are looking at what is the reason for my skin rash. Why am I going through these breakouts? To look at where you actually are in your life, are there hormonal imbalances that are happening? 

Just an aside that's related to all of this, you might have heard about there's a lot of new research that's been done on the effect of plastics. You might have heard on endocrine disrupting plastics. This is again something if you want to educate yourself a little bit about, but it’s part of what's happened to the environment as we have become out of balance.

Humanity has become very out of balance, so our environment is creating situations where people's hormonal levels are disrupted. They're not balanced in the way that they need to be. So you may want to look at that when you are assessing for your own health needs; what you may need in order to balance your body and your life and therefore your skin.

I recommend naturopathic health practitioners can be very useful, acupuncture practitioners, ayurvedic practitioners. There may be other types of alternative health practices that can help you with that level of trying to get your whole body into balance which is going to help your skin.  

So blessings to you. I hope that this is helpful to you. I look forward to talking with you again on the next edition of the My Sensitive Skincare Show. Take care. 

Tips and Recommended Steps for Hormonal Balancing

1.  First, anything you can do to remove stress from your body and your life will help your endocrine system and your entire body to work more smoothly.  That could be a simple as taking a few minutes every day to pray and meditate, or making larger changes that will allow more ease into your daily life.

All of our endocrine glands work together, and so if you are excessively stressed, your adrenal glands may be burned out or working overtime.  This will affect the levels of other hormones in your body.

2.  Choosing less toxic skincare and haircare products can go a long way to reducing skin breakouts and lightening the amount of chemicals you are absorbing through your skin.

3.  Eating a healthier whole foods diet, can make a huge difference in helping your hormonal balance.   This includes plenty of fresh vegetables, a modest amount of healthy fats, locally grown foods when possible, and a minimum of processed foods, sugars, and preservatives.

4.  Using less plastics in your life, will lower your exposure to many hormone disrupting chemicals that are now present in the environment.   Research has shown that these have large scale health effects, and so anything you can do to reduce your exposure will count towards helping your system to regulate itself naturally.

5.  Some people choose to do a cleanse to help release accumulated toxins if they have been living a highly stressful or toxic lifestyle for a number of years.  

Cleansing can have a number of health benefits, and also positive emotional benefits, if done at the right time.  I don't recommend that you cleanse if you are seriously ill or have felt debilitated for a long time.  Please consult your holistic health professional for their recommendations on the best cleanse for your unique health needs.

5.  If you are still experiencing skin breakouts that you suspect may be related to hormonal imbalance, I recommend that you get your hormone levels checked, by a good holistic MD or naturopathic physician.  This can make a huge difference in your health!

A good holistic healthcare professional can help you find solutions to rebalance your system that will work for your unique health needs.  Blessings to you!

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