Hott Mama not feelin so hot....

by Barbra

Where do I begin? Well how about further back then I can remember, I was diagnosed with severe asthma at age 3, thus bringing forth the usual conditions associated w/ asthma; allergies and eczema. Not to mention the history of dermatitis and psoriasis on my father's side. I've always had easily irritated skin annoying skin, but nothing compared to what it has progressed to today. Starting being hard to manage in my mid 20s, now starting into my 30s my skin is a nightmare. I have tried so many things, just when it seems I have a hold it takes me back under it's control. At this point the only thing that remotely works is the steroid cream, which can't be used too often. I am desperate at this point, I just want to feel normal again. I am 19 hours into my veg+fruit cleanse.....

Our reply

Thank you Barbra for sharing, I wish you much success and healing on your journey to clear skin!

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