Hyper-sensitive/Rosacea/Acne Skin

by Charlene
(Galeton, PA)

I am 48 years old and I can not find any skin care products or makeup for my hyper-sensitive/mild rosacea/acne skin conditions. I've tried several different products for sensitive skin and still my face turns red and hurts or it makes me break out. I'm tired of spending and wasting my money trying to find a product that will work for me. I need help! I recently found this site and hope to find the information I need to help get my face under control. I've even tried a homemade sensitive skin moisturizer and can not use it, as it my face turned red and sore after I applied it. I currently use emu oil as a moisturizer and it is very soothing to my face and I haven't had any reaction to it. I am looking for a natural skin care and makeup line for my skin type.

Our reply

Hi Charlene, I am glad you are finding a few things that will work for your sensitive skin. As you have no doubt discovered, it is important to test out everything that you use first, before applying any product (even homemade skincare remedies). Many of us have discovered that "less is more" when you have sensitive skin. Keeping it simple, not using a lot of products, and using products with a small list of ingredients seems to work best. Yes, emu oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Products without a lot of botanicals and plant allergens seems to be less irritating. We have found that ***z-cleure.shtml*** products work well even for very hypersensitive skin. I hope you continue to find solutions that will work for your skin!

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