Hypoallergenic Hair Care Products

Learn why many hypoallergenic hair care products contain ingredients that actually cause allergies and skin irritation, how to choose safer products, and how to find hypoallergenic shampoo that actually makes your hair look good!

There are four really big problems that people who are sensitive face on a daily basis.

  1. We have fewer skin and hair care products to choose from, because most personal care products on the market today contain chemicals or botanical ingredients that cause allergic reactions.

  2. Even organic or natural skin care products can create allergies and skin reactions, because some plants, herbs, essential oils and botanical ingredients can cause a reaction on our skin.

    Many people with hyper sensitive skin do not know everything that they may be allergic to. It is just like having hay fever ... those nice flowers can make you sneeze!

  3. Even hypoallergenic products can cause allergic reactions, because MOST hypoallergenic products on the market today contain irritating or even toxic ingredients like mineral oil, BHA and BHT, Methylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Isopropylparaben, Butylparaben and so on.

    Some hypoallergenic products simply remove the fragrance and artificial colorings from their products, and call it hypoallergenic. That STILL leaves you with all kinds of chemicals that researchers already know can cause skin irritation!

  4. Last, but definitely not least, many natural or hypoallergenic products that have removed all the harmful ingredients DO NOT work!

I have lost count of how many hypoallergenic sunscreens I've tried that leave me with a sunburn after just an hour!

And then there are all the expensive natural skin care products that make absolutely no difference in your skin ...

And the worse is trying to find a good, salon quality hypoallergenic shampoo!

Shampoo for Hypoallergenic Hair Care

Hypoallergenic Hair Care Products - Shampoo

I can't tell you how many brands of hypoallergenic hair care products I have tried that made my hair look dull, brown and lifeless!

I had almost given up on finding anything that made me look like I had healthy or shiny hair. See my picture on the left below, and you'll see what I was dealing with.

I have fine, thin hair and am allergic to fragrances. There are really very few fragrance free shampoos out there, and even fewer fragrance free volumizing shampoos!

One of the problems with finding a good shampoo is that most of them contain sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as SLS. This is a common ingredient in shampoos, toothpastes cosmetics, and even laundry detergents.

The problem with SLS is that it is a known skin irritant! For people with sensitive skin it can cause break outs, rashes and skin irritation.

For countless years my poor hair looked like straw, and I just had to deal with it. Sometimes when I'd get desperate to look good I'd try a "regular" shampoo but the fragrance really made me feel sick.

There is a happy ending to this story though, as I have finally managed to find one brand of hypoallergenic shampoo that works incredibly well, like salon quality products, and it does NOT cause my skin to break out.

Hypoallergenic Hair Care Products - Conditioner

The other problem with finding good quality hypoallergenic hair care products is finding a good hair conditioner!

Some hypoallergenic conditioners are so thin they barely detangle your hair, and you have to use a ton in order to get your hair smooth. Other brands leave your hair with a dull film, or with that greasy, "wet cat" look which I really can't stand!!

Generally when I try a new brand of hypoallergenic shampoo, I also try the conditioner. Often what I found was the conditioner worked well, but the shampoo did not. It was the hardest thing to find the right shampoo AND conditioner!

I finally discovered BOTH a hypoallergenic shampoo and a hypoallergenic conditioner , which were like a revelation for my hair. Take a look at the difference their products have made in my hair!

Before ------ After

before hypoallergenic shampoo
after hypoallergenic shampoo

I found the shampoo and conditioner in the most unlikely of places, through a small, family owned company that I have since discovered makes the ONLY safe brand (that I can find) of botanical free hypoallergenic products for hair, skin and body.

Unlike all other hypoallergenic products on the market, they contain safe, non-toxic ingredients and are even listed as save by the Environmental Working Group.

Hypoallergenic Hair Care Products - Hypoallergenic Hair Spray

Finding a good hypoallergenic hair spray is another one of those "needle in a haystack" kinds of searches. Most regular hair sprays are absolutely terrible for sensitive skin. Just spray them on and the fragrance alone is enough to make you feel like you are suffocating! Not to mention the burning in your eyes!!

The problem is, even the natural or hypoallergenic hair sprays contain irritating ingredients that researchers have found can cause allergies, immunotoxicity, and irritation of your skin, eyes, or lungs. Some of these ingredients have even been linked to the development of cancer. Many hypoallergenic hair sprays contain these ingredients!

  • Ethyl ester of PVM/MA
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Phytantriol
  • Aminomethyl Propanol
  • Tocopheryl Acetate

I've only found a few hypoallergenic hair sprays that do not contain these kind of irritating ingredients.

Every month I send out the newest product reviews and new homemade skincare recipes that I find. To receive out latest, please request my free eBook as I send out regular updates with the newest discoveries that I make about hypoallergenic hair care and skincare!

Oh, one other tip I just learned recently ... sea salt and water, sprayed on your hair can provide a natural hold, without a lot of chemicals. I haven't tried this yet as I need to get a spray bottle first, but I thought you'd want to know this!

Update - I've just found a few more options for hypoallergenic hair spray . Please let me know if any of these work for you!

Hair Care Products - Hair Gel

I thought it was a little easier to find an effective, fragrance free hypoallergenic hair gel, until I learned what was in them!! Although many of them worked well, it turns out that many of the popular hypoallergenic brands I was using contain many irritating chemicals such as:

  • Methylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Butylparaben
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Propylene Glycol

For more information on why Parabens can be irritating to your sensitive skin, please see our paraben free products page.

Here is what I have found so far for good quality hypoallergenic hair gel .

Hair Care Products - Hair Dye

Ah, this is one of the real natural beauty challenges that we face today. MOST hair dyes today are extremely toxic and have been linked to the development of cancer, especially the black and brown hair dyes. Peroxides are also quite irritating, and are contained in most hair colorings that lighten your hair.

There are no easy answers for finding a good hypoallergenic hair dye. If you live in the European Union you are more likely to find enlightened hair salons that will carry non-toxic hypoallergenic hair dye for sensitive skin.

Some suggestions of where to start looking for hypoallergenic hair dye:

  • Educate yourself about safe cosmetics and learn how to check the toxicity of your personal care products. Our free ecourse will show you a simple way to check the ingredients in any hypoallergenic hair care product.
  • Check your health food store which may carry some brands which are less irritating. Be sure to Read the Labels.
  • One of the most popular natural hair dyes for brunettes is Aubrey Organics Hair Color which are very well liked by most everyone who tries them. I am blonde so I haven't tried them, but I do recommend these to any brunettes who want to color a little gray without doing harm to your body!
  • A brand called Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner uses henna and other natural ingredients for hair coloring, and does not contain the dangerous chemicals that most hair dyes have.
  • Another brand EcoColors is available in some hair salons worldwide.
  • If you live in the European Union a brand called Santotint offers hypoallergenic hair dyes.

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