Journey to Eczema Free Skin

by Jen

When i was a teenager it was rare for me to have acne. This past winter, while planning my wedding, i developed a lot of acne around my jaw and chin area. I was also experiencing dry, patchy, red, irritated and itchy eyelids.

I decided to visit a dermatologist to help with both issues because i really didn't want to have a pimply face for my wedding. She gave me an ointment to help with the bacteria, which actually did help.

Well a month later i was having a lot more issues with my itchy eyelids. I would wake up every morning and they would be puffy and red, like i got punched in each eye.

It go to the point where i was itching non stop and i could barely open my eyes. I was put on a 10 day steroid pill and two steroid creams, which did help until two weeks later.

It was close to my wedding and it came back so i just started up with the creams again just to have a clear face until i could see the Dr. again.

After my wedding the dry itchy patches moved to my cheeks and chin. They spread so big and go so dry i was in so much pain, itching all day, all night and was so depressed.

I kept seeing my Dr. and i was just told to take antihistamines, which at this point weren't doing anything. I was getting depressed and thought this is how i am going to look and feel for the rest of my life.

I saw my regular internal medicine Dr. and she said i need to moisturize, which by the way my dermatologist never mentioned. So i moisturized twice a day and even made a home made ground oatmeal cleanser.

I changed my shampoos, body wash, tried eating better to help. I was finally after 3 months able to get rid of the severe dryness and the patches subsided.

I went through the summer ok, my face was still itchy everyday but at least it wasn't all patchy. Now that the winter is here i'm starting to progress backwards and am looking for more options to help and possible get rid of this, since its fairly new to me.

I've recently seen a new Dr. who gave me a medication called Protopic to help with my eyelids and face. I've been having to put ice on my face while at work to help the inflammation. I plan on using it to get rid of what i have now, but i do want to ultimately find more natural ways to help this and get rid of it.

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Dec 16, 2013
Every "cure" is different...lets find yours
by: Anonymous

The “cure” for eczema is different for very person and it is very rare that one person’s creams, daily routine and diet will work for someone else. Some people find that the doctor’s creams and medication worked better then home remedies but other fine the complete opposite. My suggestion to you is to do research on the disease and find out which kind you have. Something the doctors never told me is that there are different kinds of eczema and each is “cured” and little bit differently. If you aren’t already made aware, there is no real cure for eczema but this doesn’t mean that you have to live this way. Do your research and find out what works for other people try them out and see what it does for you. My tip for you is to try a bleach bath. Yes it sounds crazy and weird but this works for me. Take a bath in warm water and poor in ¼ cup of bleach (the same kind you can buy anywhere) sit in it for 10-15 and don’t forget about your face. After, put lotion all over your body. Why does this work? I’ve seen that the bleach dried out my skin just enough so when I put the lotion on the skin really soaked it up to where the lotion wasn’t sticky making me itch. Do this three times a week till it’s under control. After it’s under control only take the bath once a week. Another thing that works for me is oatmeal baths. What worked for me was 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 teaspoons of olive oil, and 2 teaspoons of honey. This worked for me but for a few months. What I’ve seen with my eczema is that one thing will work fabulously and clear my eczema up but then it won’t work anymore. So after years of finding what worked I made a yearly schedule and each month, based on the weather, my routine changes. I have been dealing with this all my life so if you have any questions or just feel like venting please doesn’t hesitate to contact me. I hope you feel better real soon!

Nov 15, 2011
News on Protopic ointment
by: Anonymous

Well I tried the Protopic the other day and i was experiencing the mild side effects of burning, stining, and itching. The second day of using it i became weak, dizzy, and sick. I guess these are the more severe symptoms so now i can't use it. So I am going to move on to my natural treatment journey and will be reading Chapter 2 this week. I am also planning on getting some blood work done in the next couple of months to see if i'm allergic to any food or have fungus sensitivity. Will post back soon

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