Maybe the best thing to do is doing less?

by Kari


I haven't been diagnosed with rosacea, but I think that's what I'm dealing with ...

My skin has always been soft and thin, pale with pink cheeks in winter, with visible veins and dark circles under the eyes (but hardly ever any puffiness)and it's very sensitive, turns red in cold/hot/windy weather or when I have a glass of wine. The big problem is that I just can't stop picking on those little bumps and pimples, and that leaves red marks that fade very slowly ... I very rarely get any big breakouts of real acne, but small black- or whiteheads that are often dry. I also feel itchy and tight easily, though I sometimes get a bit shiny on my nose and in my forehead despite feeling dry (and sometimes flaking a bit).

I've always been obsessing rather too much over my skin and trying out different products to make it better. And I've been picking WAY too much on it! I guess that's not exactly making it any better.

Finding this site was really interesting. I went on the cosmetics database and realized that my extremely expensive products from Decléor are are actually not nearly as safe as I thought.

My immediate plan is to actually stop putting anything on my skin at all while doing a detox/elimination diet (also to deal with indigestion from possible candida overgrowth or allergy). I'll do this for the next two weeks. Wondering if I should wash my face with anything, though. Perhaps my Dr. Bronner castile soap with lavender that seems to be quite safe according to the database?

Hoping that everyone else out there finds a solution to their problems!

All the best!

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Jul 03, 2011
99.99 Aloe Vera Gel and super mild cleanser
by: Crystal

I also have very sensitive skin. It flare up especially on the lower part of my face. i was using so many products which had varying effects. I have found that a very mild calming cleanser, Cetaphil is great or even Sapaderm soap by Dettol if you are prone to breakouts. A friend of mine is a naturopath and she recommended a bio active 99.99 percent Aloe Vera Gel as a moisturiser and it has revolutionised my skin, my skin has ceased in over producing oil and my skin actually stay calm.

May 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. I can not even describe how sensitive my skin became. I must have spent over 1000$ dollars the past years on products and remedies. I have detoxed and began simplifying. My skin cannot take all the ingredients of products. I started washing with

1. raw organic honey
2. moisturize with literally the TINIEST bit of organic unfiltered coconut oil
3. exfoliate with tumeric powder


Mar 25, 2011
skin - BE GENTLE
by: Anonymous

I was fairly careful about not scratching zits. My doctor warned me about scars from that and I'd seen a colleague with terrible scars. One time I scratched a tiny bump on my nose without thinking about it and now 10 years on I still have a permanent red mark. The rosacea metrocream prescription works fairly well for the rest of my face but does not help this spot. DON'T SCRATCH! Look up pictures of what acne scars look like and tape to your mirror. You are putting God knows what germs/bacteria under the surface of your skin. Don't rub too hard when washing to avoid breaking open zits - they should heal slowly, naturally. Never rub with a scratchy loofah or washcloth, just gentle fingertips.

Feb 08, 2011
Finding out what your skin is reacting to
by: Mashubi

Hi Kari, I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with your skin again. Any one of the things you mentioned could have caused the breakouts. Certainly hair spray on the skin can be irritating. In addition, stress or illness can cause the skin to inflame.

I know it is difficult to figure out what the cause might be. The best way to find out is to see how your skin reacts to each individual thing. This is perhaps easiest done with your diet, as you can remove one food item at a time and see how your body responds. I would recommend tring 4 or 5 days without a food that you think might be causing the breakouts. Then, if there is no noticeable change, try this with another type of food.

Another thing that happens to those of us who are in the wintertime is that our body's elimination can get sluggish, which adds to the stress that the skin is under. Sometimes a gentle cleansing diet even for a day or two can help. I hope you feel better soon!

Feb 07, 2011
Ups ... and downs
by: Kari

After I stopped my old skin care routine and just washed my face with warm water and honey, and then put some jojoba or coconut oil on, my skin started improving! But then things got bad again ... I got a small breakout and felt itchy, especially just below my ears, and on my cheek bones.

I have a few possible explanations :
1. Went to the hairdresser and she sprayed hairspray all over my head. I also got on my face, and I had no chance of washing it off.
2. I started incorporating dairy into my diet again.
3. I ate starch, gluten, honey and a bit of chocolate this weekend. Was having a cold, and didn't feel like cooking much, so I ended up eating a lot of bread.
4. Having caught a cold, the general inflammation level in the body was higher. Did not take any medicines.
5. Picking on my skin ...

Any ideas what the most plausible one is?

Also, I hear there's a lot of buzz about argan oil. Anyone know it it's really any good?

All the best to everyone,

Jan 25, 2011
Coconut oil for the face
by: Mashubi

Hi everyone! I've tried coconut oil for the face and for me it is too greasy, although it is totally awesome for the body!! I have found jojoba oil to be less greasy, and many people with rosacea like using it because it is soothing. There are some other simple home remedies for rosacea that are gentle but still quite effective. Yes, the green smoothies and more raw foods can be very helpful for rosacea and facial redness, giving you so many amazing nutrients, and also alkalizing the body and cooling the heat.

Jan 25, 2011
Thanks for the advice!
by: Kari

Thank you so much! :)

I actually just started washing my face with honey. It feels really good!
I've also been changing my diet lately, eating green smoothies and more raw foods too.
This week I'm trying out an elimination diet, excluding dairy and gluten as well as any processed food, additives or added sugar.

Does anyone have experiences with coconut oil as a moisturizer for the face? I like using it on my body, because it makes my skin super soft.


Jan 25, 2011
Raw honey
by: Kristy

Hi, I've been dealing with rosacea for about two
Years now and I just started an 80% raw diet along with daily green smoothies which seems to slowly be helping, try washing your face with raw honey.

Jan 24, 2011
by: Mashubi

You're so welcome Kari! :-)

Jan 24, 2011
Thank you!!!
by: Kari

Thank you so much for the advice!
I really appreciate it!

Jan 24, 2011
The benefits of doing less
by: Mashubi

Hi Kari, and thank you very much for sharing! Yes, many other people have told me that doing less for their sensitive skin actually helps to reduce the redness and irritation. That has been my experience as well. I personally have found Dr. Bronners is great for the body but a bit too intense for my face, although it might work well for you. Some other gentle alternatives for facial cleanser at here at our Natural Beauty Recipes page which is a collection of different homemade skincare recipes for the skin. We also have another page on Natural Facial Cleansers that has additional recipes. Do let us know how it goes for you with your new "do less" sensitive skincare program! :-)

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