My Experience With Sunscreens

by Sherry

I have experimented with powder sunscreens - they seem to work quite well on face/hands where there's minimal contact with fabric. My favorite is Colorescience. I mix two colors to come up with the best skintone. There is no irritation whatsoever.

The only problem with powder sunscreens is if you have any flaking skin, it highlights the problem. I'm dealing with some lovely flaking rosacea at the moment so the powder sunscreen's out.

Now I'm using Cotz face (supposed SPF is 40). It glides on beautifully and looks great but I have a hard time believing that a something that sheer, with only 3.8% zinc oxide and 8% titanium dioxide, can actually yield a 40 spf. I have a call into the company to find out how much needs to be applied to achieve this. But it looks and feels great on your face.

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