My Frustrating Story - Seborrheic Dermatitis

by Scott

Hi All,

Here is my story to date -

I was diagnosed with Sebhorreic Dermatitis when i was approx 16, now at 24 my condition has improved but can still be very bad at times.

My improvement is mostly down to using natural products to wash/moisturise etc and avoiding steroid creams.

I have had 3 visits to the dermatologist on each occasion i found this a complete waste of time, 5 minute session and then out the door again without no hope bar steroid cream - which made my condition worse by the way.

Now after doing research i have adopted a much more natural treatment plan that includes supplements, honey, coconut oil and tea tree shampoo.

My main problem now is though my face is really red on occasions and sometimes a bit dry, especially after shower and often during the day at work.

I am trying to eat a healthier diet not that my diet is bad but I am trying to cut out bread/milk, dairy products in general as i have read there could be an intolerance there, Is there any truth in this matter?

Also do you suggest any supplements to battle the redness or Seborrheic Dermatitis in General?

Our reply

Thanks so much for sharing Scott! One of the things we've learned in our own experience with sensitive skin is that each person's body is unique and that especially in relation to diet and nutrition, these needs are based on many factors including where you live, your heredity (what type of food your ancestors at), your current lifestyle and stress level.

I've lived in a lot of different places, and I discovered that my nutritional needs were different in each place. In general, eating locally grown food, and eating simply (without a lot of processed foods) is the healthiest option. The specifics of whether you can tolerate dairy products, gluten, etc. will depend a lot on your own experience.

Most skin conditions including sebhorrheic dermatitis are related to inflammation and irritation in the body, so anything healthy that you can do to reduce your level of stress will help reduce your body's inflammation levels. I hope this is helpful and that you continue to share what works for you!

I wish you success in finding out what works for you!

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