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I am 18 and recently, from a year ago, I've noticed more and more breakouts. And after the acne has healed, the scars will still be there to haunt me. Being surrounded by people with clear skin, I have been having a very low self-esteem so my mom brought me to a dermatologist who gave me benzoyl peroxide. It didn't turn out well as I had an allergic reaction/sunburn(?) My whole face turned red and rough and it was just a tough period for me and I was glad when the redness finally faded after a few weeks. After that, I was hesitant to try any acne medication so I just stopped using them. This year, my acne is still giving me problems and more have erupted due to stress over schoolwork. I then tried kiehl's blemish remover but it isn't working very well. Yesterday, after a trip to the doctor for some gastric issue, he saw my acne and gave me some medication for it. Once again I dabbed it on and the redness and roughness came back. My worst nightmare was back. Getting desperate, I looked around for ways to reduce the redness and here I am. So, I'm going to try out the lessons and see if they work :)

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