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These reviews of Mychelle Dermaceuticals products are based on my personal experience of using the products which in my experience are excellent.   The MyChelle products are top quality and a good choice for most types of sensitive skin, as long as you do a skin test first!

A personal note - The products mentioned here are products I have used myself and am proud to recommend. If you purchase through the links on our site, I receive a small commission which helps me to maintain this site. For more information please read our Advertising Disclosure

I first discovered Mychelle natural skincare products at my local health food store. They offered a sampler pack, which is always a welcome relief for those of us with sensitive skin!

I began trying the Mychelle products way back around 2004 or so when I let go of a previously excellent product line which I discovered contained harmful chemicals. The previous line had added fragrance and I was getting more sensitive to perfumes so I decided to find more natural products.

Well, I quickly discovered that many natural skin care products aren't very effective! It was frustrating, so I didn't have much hope when I tried the MyChelle Dermaceuticals.

Good Results with Trial and Error

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Mychelle Dermaceuticals products worked.

My biggest problem was that I was still having reactions to many of the products, even though they are very carefully formulated to be as minimally irritating as possible!

Some of the Mychelle products had a strong scent from essential oils, which I found too difficult. More recently, they've begun offering versions without the added fragrance which is much easier for me.

Some of the products with Vitamin C caused my skin to break out, and some of the spray on toners caused my eyes to burn if I accidentally got a drop in my eyes. Ouch!!

Some products like their eye cream were nice but I didn't notice much difference in my skin.

A Company With Integrity

I really appreciate the consciousness of the people who create the Mychelle Dermaceuticals products. The owner and creator of the company Myra Michelle Eby is committed to making safe, nontoxic, paraben-free, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products.

She has extensive experience in the natural products industry, which is her passion. This caring shows in her product line!

Mychelle is based in Colorado, USA, and their products are also available in Ireland.

I will start these MyChelle product reviews by sharing with you the products that ended up working the best for my sensitive skin.

I'll also include some that had less noticeable results for me, but which did not cause any kind of skin problem.

I'll also include mention of some of their other products that were more irritating for my skin.

Mychelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream

Of all the skin creams that they offer, the MyChelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream worked the best for my skin as an anti-aging moisturizer. I really noticed the wrinkle reduction effects after just a few days.

They make a version without fragrance, which is easier for me to handle. It is light and goes onto the skin easily, and absorbs quickly.

This cream has a noticeable anti-aging benefit, although not as potent as when it is used with their serums.

I use it with two of the Mychelle antiaging serums, and this works well. When I ran out, I would see the difference in my skin.

I used to like rotating its use with another brand of skin cream, as I found the cream didn't feel quite as moisturizing as I needed.

One thing I didn't like about the Mychelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream is that it came in jars, so I needed to scoop it out with my fingers or a Q tip or spatula.

I always was concerned about bacterial contamination, and I found that if I stretched out the use of the cream over a few months, it would evaporate in the jar!! :(

I always prefer to use products in pump bottles whenever possible as this protects their potency and prevents bacterial contamination.

For the moment Mychelle Dermaceuticals doesn't make pump jars for their moisturizers, but perhaps one day!

Mychelle Notox Anti-Wrinkle Serum

This is a very potent and effective formulation and whenever I would run out of it, within a week my skin looked less healthy and more wrinkled!!

In fact I never expected to find anything better than this product!

It has no added fragrance, although like all products, there was some scent from the ingredients which did not bother me.

MyChelle NoTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum did not irritate my skin, and definitely worked to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It came in a pump bottle and lasted a while, and I really appreciated the improvement in my appearance!

Mychelle G2 Instant Firming Serum

This is a newer Mychelle dermaceuticals product that I tried from one of their sample packs.

It had an instant result on my skin which I really appreciated! It DID firm up my face and although it wasn't able to accomplish the kind of dramatic "facelift" quality that my current facial exercise program provides, I was definitely impressed and grateful for this!

The MyChelle G2 Instant Firming Serum does contain witch hazel which may be irritating for some people, but I had no problem with it.

This serum also has a stronger scent, although there are no added fragrances, the ingredients themselves have a natural scent.

Additional Mychelle Products That Worked for Me

These Mychelle products did NOT irritate my skin, and I liked them. Again, everyone's skin is different, so please do a skin test before trying any new skincare product.

MyChelle Fabulous Eye Cream is light, relatively scent free (a plus for me) and has a noticeable wrinkle reduction effect if you use it regularly. It takes a few week to see the benefits.

MyChelle Deep Repair Cream, Unscented is a deeply moisturizing cream, great for rejuvenating damaged or tired skin, or for a night cream. Some people find it a bit oily. I was living in a very dry climate when I used it, so it worked well for me. The rose hip and jojoba oil in the cream has some scent, but it was not strong and didn't bother me.

MyChelle Serious Hyaluronic Firming Serum was very nice and did not irritate my sensitive skin, although I didn't see as much wrinkle reduction with this as I did with some of their other serums.

MyChelle Revitalizing Night Cream, Unscented is very rich, you need just a little and so it is very cost effective. This is great for dry, sensitive, mature skin.

MyChelle Cactus Mask - mmm, this one smells great!! I am amazed that it doesn't irritate my skin, and it produces such a smooth, clean, refreshed skin tone. The directions say to leave it on for 20 minutes but I would use it just for 5 or 10 minutes with great results.

MyChelle Fruit Fiesta Peel is definitely effective at removing dead skin cells and lightening the skin, but I could only use for a few minutes at a time without my skin breaking out. This one doesn't smell so great, it was a bit like spoiled strawberries, but I didn't find it really terrible, just mildly unpleasant. Reviews of the product are mixed, as some customers preferred older formulations, but I still found the product effective.

Mychelle Sun Shield, SPF 28 - This product is pure goes on smoothly and didn't turn my face excessively white, (unlike most natural sunscreens!) but at the time I tested it, I found it was not very effective in the very intense central Oregon sun where I lived at the time. Since then, Mychelle gas reformulated the product and increased the SPF and added Titanium Dioxide. Customers seem to like it better although you need to apply to moisturized skin otherwise it will produce pills on your skin!

A newer product that may be more effective is MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense SPF 30 which will be my next sunscreen purchase! This product does not contain Titanium Dioxide and produces some excellent results. It does not whiten your face or sting your eyes, and customers say it is very effective at blocking the sun. I will let you know when I try it!

Mychelle Dermaceuticals That Were More Irritating for my Skin

I found that most of the Mychelle facial toners irritated my eyes, although they are great if you can put them on your face where they belong!! :-) I seemed to have trouble with this, when I sprayed the toners on my face, my eyes strung quite severely ... yikes! Now I spray the toner on my hand and apply to my face!

I found their Perfect C serum caused my skin to break out in a rash.

I didn't try any of their facial scrubs or exfoliators since I thought they might be a little rough on my skin.

I did not try their products for acne and oily skin, since my skin is dry and well, mature! :-)

Tips for Trying Mychelle Skin Care Products

  • Start Slowly - I am always excited to try new antiaging skincare products and love to use them all at once. That approach has gotten me a beet red face and skin breakouts almost all the time!

    With bioactive skincare products like Mychelle that contain a number of ingredients designed to reduce signs of aging, you really need to start slowly.

    Buy a few products at once (to save on shipping) but then, try them one at a time. Introduce only one new product onto your skin for at least 4 days, preferably a week. Then, if your skin seems to like the product, go on to the next one!
  • Be aware of mixing product lines - some people with sensitive skin have trouble using products from different product lines. The reason for this is that often product lines are designed with a few key ingredients and they mix well together, however they might not go so well with other brands.

    When you are trying a new line of products, if you are very concerned about breaking out, you may want to consider taking a "skincare product fast" for few days. Give your skin a rest, without any skincare products, and then start fresh with the new products.
  • Try Samples - Some product lines offer sample packs which give you small amounts of many different types of products. These can give you an idea of which products may be easiest to tolerate, although they won't provide you with the longer term benefits that come with trying products for a month or two.

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