Need Help with Rosacea

by Jay

I have been seeing a dermatologist for over a year for my skin problems. He diagnosed me with rosacea and proscribed Finacea and Doxycycline - Hyclate. I had some improvement but not much. It only cleared my forehead and my lower chin. I still had breakouts on both cheeks. On my next visit he prescribed me Monodox and Atralin. Which the atralin seemed to cause me to breakout even more. I have been using these for the last 3 months without any improvement. I have discounted drinking caffeine and discontinued using all make up. Are there any suggestion to what else I can do to see results? Should I have a skin test done? He gave this diagnosis with just looking at my skin. Before I went to the doctor I try the at home remedies such as apple cider vinegar and even tried using Cerave facial products. Getting stressed, I need advice! I NEVER had a break out before.

Hi Jay, I am so sorry to hear about your challenges with ongoing rosacea. I understand! Unfortunately, there are no easy answers, and your dermatologist is doing their best to help you alleviate the symptoms, however you may need to take a closer look at what may be causing your rosacea.

Medical science does not yet have a cure for rosacea, but there are many people who have reduced their symptoms, or even eliminated them, by modifying their diet and daily lifestyle habits.

You may need to do some detective work to discover what may have triggered your rosacea outbreaks. Our page on what causes sensitive skin may help you to think about exactly what may have happened to create your outbreaks.

A number of our readers have told me that they have found that certain foods cause rosacea outbreaks and also that that there are some foods for clear skin that seem to minimize the facial flushing and redness. Everyone is unique and so the foods that trigger your outbreaks may be different than those of others with the same condition.

There are some people that find relief with natural approaches such as eating more vegetables, fruits and whole foods, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.

There are also professionally formulated natural remedies such as ***z-native-rosarex.shtml*** which is one of my readers most popular choices for gentle remedies that reduce facial redness, bumps and flushing without the kind of side effects that most medications and herbal remedies may have. ***z-native-rosarex.shtml*** is relatively affordable compared to most medicines and I've found that it is a good choice for people with very sensitive skin.

My own experience with this kind of remedy is that it doesn't have side effects and the worse thing that can happen is that it doesn't work for you. This company is reputable and will refund your money if it does not work for you.

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