My Latest Safe Sensitive Skincare Finds

Join me as I rummage through my skincare cabinet to tell you about the latest safe sensitive skincare and personal care products that I've discovered!

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Welcome everyone to the My Sensitive Skin Care Show!  In today's podcast  I'm going to share with you some of the new products that I have found.

People ask me sometimes "Well what do you use for this?" and "What do you use for that?" I do have web pages on some of these topics, but I'm always finding new things because my personal needs are always changing.

I'm sure that's the case for you as well, that over time, you might move (to a different climate) or get older or go through a health challenge, and your needs change.

So I'm going to share with you some of the things that I've discovered since I wrote various pages on my website about those topics!

Safe Nontoxic Bug Sprays for Sensitive Skin

The first thing that I have, it just reminded me today because we are having mosquito season where I live.   I've tried all kinds of natural remedies for bug spray, for just something you can spray on yourself so you don't get bitten by ticks and mosquitoes and various insects.

That for me has been a challenge. I don't use anything chemical, and I don't recommend that for anybody, regardless of whether or not you have sensitive skin.

There are a number of very effective products that you can use, but I really haven't had good results with most of them, because being sensitive to essential oils and everything, it's very difficult.

There's something I've found that, it does have a scent so if you're sensitive to fragrance, you might have some trouble with it, but the scent is actually not an essential oil. 

I'll tell you what it is, and I will include a picture here. It's Dr. Mercola's Bug Spray

I'm sure anyone that has been on the internet has found Dr. Mercola's website. He's been very instrumental in educating the public about natural solutions and some of his products are very helpful. 


I've actually found a couple of summer products that they make, that his company makes that are very helpful. The ingredients of this bug spray are:

deionized water, vanilla, potassium sorbate, and the active ingredients are three essential oils; citronella, lemon grass, and peppermint. 

Now those are in a small percentage, they're about 10% of the entire solution. The water and vanilla make up most of the spray. 

So the smell ... it's not the greatest. What I smell is the vanilla, but it absolutely keeps the bugs off and for me it does not cause any kind of reaction. So I wanted you to know about that, and I just get it on Amazon

UPDATE - Some people live in an area with severe bug problems, and another non-toxic spray that I have recently discovered is Guardian, which is even more effective than the Dr. Mercola brand ... however it has a very, very strong smell that some people, and also my three cats, find difficult! 

So now, I'm going back to my medicine cabinet and my skin care cabinet. I'm actually walking upstairs here, and the reason is that I often think "Oh my goodness, I have to tell you about these products that I found," and I think of it late at night!

Safe Unscented Cream for Severely Dry Skin  

So I'm going upstairs now and I'm here with my cabinet of skin care products. Now this product that I found is very, very helpful for very dry skin.

I found it in the wintertime, but it actually is great for summer. Now first I just want to say that for a long time I've only used the Cleure body cream, which is very, very moisturizing, and it's very helpful.

That might be enough for you, but I actually found that I was having so much dry skin this winter (with severe itching). It was really intense.

So I found something, it's called Carapex Natural Body Butter. I found it on Amazon and let's see if I can see the ingredients here. Now I did see the ingredients on the web page, but for some reason I'm not able to read them here on the bottle!

There's no scent at all, and it's extremely, extremely, moisturizing. It is not greasy. It's very thick so I use it on my hands, and it doesn't even wash off right away, it's that thick.  I highly recommend it. (My husband loves this too!)

They make a couple of different types of body butter, and the one I have is the intensive moisture for the most parched skin. There's no essential oils or fragrance at all in it. Very simple ingredients, so here it is, I found the ingredients. 

The main ingredients are:

sunflower oil, soybean oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, and a few other things, Aloe Vera juice, chamomile, etc.

So that's another one that I highly recommend (My husband, who also has very sensitive skin, loves to use this as a great unscented foot lotion.

Safe Unscented Hypoallergenic Hair Gel

The one I'm constantly forgetting to mention is that Cleure now has a    new hair gel. Cleure is my favorite product line for chemically safe and effective sensitive skincare.

They weren't carrying hair gel for awhile, but it's back and so helpful!

I've tried so many different types of hair gels, but it has been difficult to find ones that work well and do not cause my skin to breakout.  The Cleure hair gel is like their other products... It's brilliantly formulated by Dr. Flora Stay.

Cleure hypoallergenic hair gel

I have done another podcast and interviewed her, and actually it was one of the things I asked her is how she could so brilliantly formulate safe products that work so well, and don't have a long list of ingredients.

Dr. Stay does a lot of research and she's very knowledgeable. So the Cleure hair spray, it's got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, just seven ingredients. 

Fewer ingredients means less potential that your sensitive skin will react to one of them!

It works really, really well. No scent, very clear, washes out of the hair easily, free of harmful ingredients, and never has caused any allergic reaction for myself.  

Best of all, the Cleure hair gel feels great on your hair, very natural and lightweight, not greasy or stick. 

Single Ingredient Home Remedies for  Skincare

So let's see ... one last thing that I wanted to mention to you in terms of new skin care that I've been experimenting with and discovering, is the value of what I call single ingredient home remedies

What that is, is simply a home remedy that is just one ingredient. You've probably heard people say, "Oh yeah, I just use coconut oil for a body moisturizer." 

That's an example of a single ingredient home remedy or home skin care product.  Some of these, they have their ups and downs. For example, they're not perfect ... coconut oil can be a little greasy for example. 

What I do is I rotate a couple of different types of single ingredient skin care remedies or skin care products. I use coconut oil even though that's kind of greasy. I use it on my hair, sometimes in the shower. 

I rotate that with jojoba oil, which actually is considered a wax. Jojoba oil is not greasy so it's very nice to put on your skin, but really good jojoba oil might not smell so great. It's not really bad, but it's not the most pleasant thing, whereas coconut oil is very nice. 

Then sometimes I alternate that with vegetable glycerin I found a nice brand of vegetable glycerin by Heritage Store. Heritage Store, they make things like castor oil. That same brand also makes a really nice quality castor oil. 

So vegetable glycerin is actually something you can eat. You can put a few drops in your tea. I think it's low glycemic sweetener, and it's recommended by the Edgar Casey Foundation. 

It's very good for making a nice vitamin C serum for your face, you can put a little vitamin C in with the vegetable glycerin. I have another podcast on that

This same company makes a nice castor oil.  Castor oil is extremely thick, and it does not smell very good, but I sometimes use it on very dry skin when the smell doesn't bother me. 

Castor oil is actually really, really nice for your health if you make a castor oil pack. You can do a web search on that and get some instructions. It's a wonderful, wonderful thing to do for your body, it's very soothing. 

Now a couple of other single ingredient home remedies that I wanted to recommend to you. One is raw honey. I use honey for hair lightening, some people use it for a facial skin mask. So raw honey is also here in my cabinet. 

And one final one, which is actually not a beauty or skin care product but it's more of a body care, it's called magnesium oil.  Now basically all that is, is Epsom salts in a spray form.

The reason that I have found it very helpful is because it helps calm the nervous system. And if you have aches and pains it can be very helpful. You can also just take, you know, a bath in Epsom salts, that might be less expensive. 

That's another home remedy I have, Epson salts and hydrogen peroxide. They're wonderful, wonderful, detoxification baths. But if you don't have time to take a bath, the magnesium oil, it sometimes can be overpriced. 

I've gotten a good price sometimes at, (now Amazon has a better price) but the magnesium oil really does create a calming and soothing in your body. It can be good for body aches and just overall, you know, people with sensitive skin are often very stressed out so the magnesium oil can be very helpful. 

The one thing though, I don't recommend putting it on right after a shower, because it can sting. I would actually test it out on your hand first, sometime when you're not taking a shower. 

The instructions on the magnesium oil say to wash it off in thirty minutes. I never do, because I usually don't have time to go and do all of that.

I'm fine leaving the oil on my skin, but I would recommend that you not spray it on right after taking a bath because your pores are very open. Just use it during the day or test some on your hand. 

These are my latest tips for products for sensitive skin care that I have found helpful. I hope this is helpful to you, and I thank you so much for listening and for participating with me here at the My Sensitive Skin Care Show.  I'd love your comments, questions, and I send you lots of blessings. Bye-bye.

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