My #1 Most Affordable Antiaging Skincare Secret

Discover my #1 simplest, easiest to use, most affordable and effective anti-aging skincare secret.    Transcript is below.

Affordable Antiaging Skincare

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Hello everyone. This is Mashubi from I'm standing outside on a gorgeous spring day, and I'd like to share with you a little bit about affordable anti-aging skincare!

I'd like to say a few things about this before I go into some of the more practical details that I have learned. I'm now 56 so I, like anyone else, certainly want to look my best without becoming obsessed . . .

There's a sort of negative aspect to skincare, which is trying to be someone you're not.  I don't want to promote that. I just want to help all of us look our best!

Especially for those of us that are getting older, we're going to have wrinkles ... it's part of growing. It's part of living. And it's a wonderful time of life actually, because people that are older often are blessed with more self-knowledge and more understanding of who they are, so let that shine!

I want to encourage you to not feel badly . . . Your face is looking a little older that there's real beauty that's inside of you that can come out.

So that being said, obviously, we all want to look our best. And there's another aspect to anti-aging skincare that I want to mention. I'll do another podcast on this another time. This is especially for women. It has to do with hormonal changes and how that affects your skin.

Those of you that are teenagers, whether you're men or women, are going to notice more skin problems because your body is going through hormonal changes. Women who are pregnant also are going to be experiencing all kinds of things happening in your skin.

Women who are menopausal are going to be experiencing this also.  Wou might get acne or blotchy skin, all kinds of things. It's like, "Aaah, what do I do?"

So first, the only thing I'd like to say about anti-aging skincare is that there's a whole market out there of very expensive products, and I really feel that there needs to be balance.

I don't really like all the excessive hyped-up high-priced products. So I set out to find some more affordable options for anti-aging skincare. 

I want to share with you one tip that I found to be the most effective for affordable anti-aging skincare. Now, it's not a particular product! It's something you actually make yourself.

There are lots of good products out there.  I did find actually a nice anti-aging skincare serum and face cream. It was very nice for me, but it did make my skin break out. So it's not on my recommended pages. But I will share that with you too in my podcast notes, which we'll see later.

The homemade solution that I discovered is really simple. But you do need to have a little bit of knowledge before you do it.  You might have heard of vitamin C serum.   You'll see people selling this for $80 for half an ounce on the internet or at Amazon or whatever, and these products can be quite nice.

Actually, there's a wonderful product made by a company, that actually I have used myself. It's called ReCverin, very, very nice product but expensive. I think they keep it more reasonable than some other ones but very expensive for those of us dealing with limited finances.

So this is a homemade way to make vitamin C serum. And there's two options. One is to make your own serum, and the other is to add a small amount of vitamin C powder to your existing skincare.

Now, the two cautions that I want to share about this, one is that vitamin C powder can be very irritating. So you have to start really, really small.

I actually haven't even started experimenting with this. I have all the ingredients. And I've used vitamin C serum, so I know that the effects are really good on my skin. But I haven't actually tried to parcel it out yet, because I don't have the right tools.  I have a nice pouch of vitamin C powder that I got. (See below for more about why I chose this brand). 

I think it was from And there was also another brand on Amazon that I found of vitamin C powder, and it carries a caution. You need to really be careful with it because it's so intense.

So you need to get a little teeny-weeny scoop and start really small like one-sixteenth of a teaspoon or one gram, something really small.

Then put it in either some glycerin, which is generally very good for sensitive skin. Or you could put it into a face cream that you already use that is not irritating for you.

Then just do a touch and smooth it on your skin. Mix it up. Take that little scoop and put it in your palm. That's what a lot of people do, put it right in your palm and just mix it up and put it on your face.

The other option that you can do is you can take a drop or two of glycerin, which is used in a lot of facial care products. And then add the vitamin C powder to it.

(NOTE:  I just found a great small scoop for the powder, and I apply a VERY small amount of the Vitamin C with glycerine at bedtime ... it works amazingly!  My skin looks more radiant, and one day when I had a sunburn, I applied the Vitamin C and the next day my face had no trace of sun damage! ) 

Now, some people have recipes. You'll find this on the Internet. You can do an Internet search for "make your own vitamin C serum." And you'll find all kinds of different recipes. But I tend to be extremely busy, so I don't have a lot of time to do that. So I like just the method of taking a teeny bit of the powder carefully and mixing it in with face cream.

So that's my tip for a really affordable anti-aging skincare. And also, I want to say again... those of you that have visited my website, you may have heard me talked about my (other) number one tip for anti-aging skincare, which is actually not a skincare product!

My Second Antiaging Skincare Secret 

It's facial exercise.  I found a wonderful program of facial exercise. You'll also see that in the show notes. And that's made a huge difference for me and for my face. It certainly helps my appearance but also has helped me with having less headaches. So it's wonderful too.

The course was not expensive.  I learned it, and I do it 15 minutes, three or four times a week. You start out fifteen minutes, five times a week. It takes a little while to get into the habit of it. And that's it! And then you just maintain three or four times a week. And it works really well.

So it's fun to have people say, "I can't believe you're 56." So anyways, blessings to all of you. And please let me know what you think and any questions you have. Bye!

My Sensitive Skincare 2014

Resources Mentioned

Here is the best facial exercise program that I've ever found, I've been using it since 2009 with fabulous results.

Here is the vitamin C powder I mentioned that you can add to your skincare products ... you want to choose the ultra fine Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid, preferable one that is from a reputable company ... some brands sourced from China can have chemical additives.

If you would like to make your own vitamin C serum, here is the brand of Glycerin that I use, it is very affordable and safe... you can even use it as a low-glycemic sweetener!  

And here is one of the new affordable anti-aging skincare products I tried  ... it was very nice, light and non-greasy, free of perfumes, very safe, and about half the price of most anti-aging skincare.

This one did not work well for my skin (it caused breakouts for me even though I transitioned slowly) but it is very safe and mild and effective.  They have a money back guarantee so you can try it and they will refund you if it doesn't work for you.

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