Safe Skin Lightening for Different Skintoned

by Hafsa
(San Diego, CA)

well im african american and i have this sensitive skin thing were i get dark super easily . i HAVE to wear a scarf bc im muslim , but when im out the sun gets me darker. the past couple months ive noticed a tan line going down the sides of my face between my ears and cheeks . IT SO UGLY . if i would/could use creams to make my skintone lighter, my mom said it will give me wrinkles and its just not good for you .

i was gonna ask you guys is there any thing i could use that WONT HURT MY FACE?

anything natural ? ..


Our reply

I understand! It is very difficult to find safe skincare products that won't make your skin worse.
The most important thing is to get to know your own skin and what works for it, and what doesn't.

There are safer skin lightening creams that can help when you have what is called hyperpigmentation, when parts or your skin get darker than the surrounding skin.

The reason it is better to avoid most of the traditional skin lighteners out there is that most contain Hydroquinone which can possible cause severe side effects for your health. Hydroquinone is even banned in some countries like the EU.

A safer and non-toxic skin lightening cream will be less likely to cause a skin breakout, and you can rest easy knowing that they don't contain the kinds of toxic ingredients that could create a health problem later on.

The best ***z-xtend-life-natural-skin-whitening-cream.shtml*** I've found is made of natural and effective botanical skin lighteners that actually help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles (rather than giving you more!) and that has no fragrance, parabens or chemical ingredients that can cause skin irritation. I use this company's products myself, (since 2007). They are safe and also quite affordable for a high quality cream that is effective.

The Natural Whitening Day Cream will take a little longer to work than the regular whitening creams that contain Hydroquinone, but you won't risk some of the possible side effects which can be quite serious. It also has ingredients which will nourish your skin so you don't need to add another skin cream on top of your skin lightener.

Although this is the safest natural skin lightening cream that I know about, the only way to know for sure whether your skin can tolerate a particular product is to do a skin test, by trying it out on your wrist or inner elbow, and then waiting for a day. If you have no reaction, it will likely be OK for your face.

I hope this is helpful for you!

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