Sample Natural Beauty Journal

by Mashubi
(Bend, Oregon)

This is me in spring of 2009, enjoying a<br> beautiful day in nature with my husband.

This is me in spring of 2009, enjoying a
beautiful day in nature with my husband.

Hi, this is Mashubi and I've created this sample natural beauty journal page so you can see how it looks!

I am going to use my journal to document my progress with a new facial exercise program that I started in late April of 2009.

Right now you can only upload one picture here, but in the future you will be able to upload as many as four photos!

You can write anything here that will be an introduction to yourself and your natural beauty goals.

What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to look? How can we help? Let us know!

P.S. You will see my most recent updates, and a place to leave comments below, which is where you can update your natural beauty journal. Your friends can also comment too!

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Apr 14, 2010
It's been a while
by: Mashubi

Well, it's been a while since I've shared here. I've just been through a very long and stressful winter. I was sick more than usual (I hardly ever get sick!) and developed double dark circles under my eyes. Yikes!! I've been doing facial exercise for almost a year now and I continue to see and feel the benefits. My face feels toned and no longer sags and bags, thank goodness! I really didn't like having a lined, unhappy look on my face, especially when I don't feel that way on the inside (at least most of the time!).

I have noticed more skin eruptions, rashes and problems both on my face and my body, and realized recently that I need to try some new skincare routines. I've just found a new system that is helping me a lot and in just a few days I'm seeing a significant improvement in my skin. I will let you know how this goes!

Mar 05, 2010
So far very happy with facial exercise
by: Mashubi

I've been doing facial exercise for almost a year now and am hoping to get some updated photos soon. It has really made a difference in helping my skin to become more healthy and reducing the sagging and bagging!! I also notice the exercises help my headaches which is always appreciated.

Oct 29, 2009
Stress, stress, and more stress!
by: Anonymous

Wow, even positive changes can cause stress! I've been experiencing some great new things in my life but I'm discovering that even those can cause stress! My poor skin is really acting up. The latest is a series of painful outbreaks that really hurt. I just saw an acupuncturist today who said that "excessive heat" (that's how acupuncturists talk about energy in the body) can cause skin rashes and outbreaks. She said the same thing that I always say ... that it helps to eat lots of veggies and fruits, and to go easy on high acid foods like sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and meat. In my case, I STILL had "excessive heat" even though I eat really well, and I found that the acupuncture treatment really helped me to feel less stressed out. I highly recommend acupuncture if you find the right practitioner!

Oct 01, 2009
More benefits of facial exercise
by: Mashubi

The woman who developed my facial exercise program said that that the longer you do facial exercise, the better you look. She said every three months or so that she would see a positive step forward in her appearance. Well, I'm starting to notice this myself, as I am now at the 6 month mark and I noticed recently even more of a healthy facial structure, with fewer sags and bags on my face! I don't mind a few wrinkles, as let's face it, I've been around a while! What I didn't like was looking unhappy all the time, which came from a sagging facial structure which created a perpetual frown. Well, thankfully that is no longer the case. That's a good thing, as I certainly have enough other things going on! :-)

Aug 22, 2009
Flare ups of my sensitive skin ...
by: Mashubi

My facial exercise program is going great, but unfortunately my sensitive skin has been flaring up lately.

I developed some chronic soreness in my jaw after some dental work last year. Well, about two weeks ago it flared up into swelling and PAIN in one of my teeth.

Even worse, it happened on a weekend and I couldn't reach my dentist who had forgotten to bring his on-call phone with him on his weekend trip.

So, after a day of suffering and wondering what was happening, he finally got the message thank goodness! He prescribed antibiotics, which I don't like to take, but I could FEEL in my body that I needed the extra help to fight the infection.

I do as much as I can to take care of my body naturally, but sometimes I find that it is necessary to use the stronger kinds of medications.

This was one of them!

The antibiotics helped and eventually MOST of the tooth pain went away, however I still have jaw pain now which is comes and goes, and isn't so great today.

Towards the end of the penicillin, I got an eczema breakout. It was a bad one on my feet, VERY painful!

I'm still going up and down with that, and then my wedding ring finger broke out again!! :(

The antibiotics kind of wigged out my digestion too. I'm taking lots of probiotics to restore the friendly bacteria to my system, and drinking a lot of water.

I've been taking proteoltytic enzymes, which are natural antinflammatories, along with some potent herbal antibiotics.

I look forward to feeling better soon!! :-)

Jul 31, 2009
Less wrinkles, more breakouts
by: Mashubi

I am pleased with the results of the facial exercise program I am using. I started doing some of the extra exercises less week, which are recommended after the first three months, and am glad to see the wrinkles around my mouth continuing to disappear! I am having more facial breakouts that seem related to stress and to feeling a bit under the weather lately.

Jun 26, 2009
Disappearing wrinkles
by: Mashubi

Well, it's been almost six weeks of doing regular facial exercises now, and I am starting to notice some of my wrinkles disappearing. Most facial exercise programs say you will see best results after several months, but I definitely see some beginning signs of improvement.

I haven't done any extra exercises except for the basic ones, as they recommend you get a foundation for three months with the main exercises before adding additional 'spot' exercises for trouble areas.

The main thing I notice is that the wrinkles around my mouth are getting finer and some may have disappeared. I don't spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, but that is a noticeable change. The other thing I notice is that my skin looks less splotchy, and that my neck is firmer.

What I appreciate about the facial exercises is that they help my face and my whole body to feel more alive!

Jun 17, 2009
Starting to see results
by: Mashubi

I've been using my facial exercise program regularly for about a month now and I'm starting to see results. My neck is less, well, sagging! And my eyes seem less droopy. I also notice less of those fine lines around my mouth, which is very nice. My husband started commenting about a week ago and he said that he could see the facial exercises working.

It took me a while to actually learn the exercises. I watched the DVD and did them along with the demonstration for about a week. Then I used the flash cards and did the exercises laying down, which is recommended. It took a little while and so I had to make some extra time in my schedule for them.

Now I know them all and have gotten into a routine, and it takes me 15 or 20 minutes a day. It takes a while to see results and so I have just built them into my daily schedule. It is nice to look in the mirror and see myself actually looking better each time!

Most people really notice the difference with facial exercise after three months, and the exercises keep improving your appearance over time. The pictures I've seen of people who have been doing the exercises for a year or more are quite amazing!

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