Severe Itchy Face and Photosensitivity

I have face hives and rosacea used many different products eg aveeno, neutrogena, cetophil, metrogel, finecea, clinique for rosacea, shishiedo lotion, baking soda w/hydrogen peroxide, oliveoil, oatmeal , and nothing helps w/ my itchy face. Doctors can't seem to prescribe correct meds b/c they can't diagnose if I have hives or rosacea. They told me to try benadryl, surged, alleges. Tried these, but no luck. Forgot, dermatologist (have seen specialist, holistic) prescribed steroid cream. It worked for a while, then I developed photo sensitivity which was excruciating. Had I known severe side effects would have never used. To date, am afraid to let sun hit my face. Always wear scarf or hat. worse symptom is daily itchiness in face. Just stopped using aveeno foam cleanser and lotion. Noticed slight difference in red itchy pimple/like bumps. Can you help? My allergic reaction may be from chemicals in facial products i' ve been using. ----from itchy skin

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Hi, and thanks for your message. I am so sorry for the difficulty you are having with your skin.

At this point, since you have seen a dermatologist and have developed a reaction to the treatment they prescribed, I would recommend four things.

Take a Break from it All

It is true, many of the hypoallergenic products you mentioned contain ingredients which could contribute to skin irritation. There is often a painful cycle that develops for people with sensitive skin, where a rash develops and then you apply a lotion that is supposed to heal the condition, but then you develop a reaction to the treatment. This has happened to me as well.

When you have a very severe skin rash, you may want to consider stopping the use of all skin care products and lotions except for cool water until your rash calms down.

Then, once the rash is under control, you can slowly add back one cream or lotion at a time. Test each product on the inside of
your elbow, and wait at least a day or two to be sure that your skin can tolerate it.

Use Non-toxic Hypoallergenic Skincare Products

One of the biggest surprises for me when I began to research ways to help my sensitive skin, was that the products that are supposed to help actually contain quite a number of preservatives and chemicals that can actually cause skin irritation!

It took me a long time to find a solution. There is only one line on the market I've found that seems to offer hypoallergenic products without the irritating chemicals.

***z-cleure.shtml*** products do not contain plant allergens AND they also does not contain the type of chemical preservatives that can cause skin irritation. These products work really well and are affordable and will last a long time.

Get to Know Your Skin

educate yourself as much as possible, and get to know your body and what works for you and your skin. Our free eBook can help with this here Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally, and also our site has a number of helpful articles. You can search My Sensitive Skin Care with your questions.

For example, we have some articles about helping to heal the skin damage from steroid creams: Healing Skin Damage from Steroid Creams and White Spots from Steroid Creams.

Find Out What is Causing Your Skin Problems

Skin problems can also be symptoms of other health conditions, or an indicator of stress or imbalance. When you have a very severe skin problem, it is important to find out what is causing your sensitive skin. Our site has a number of resources which can help, and I recommend if possible that you find a health professional that can help you to find out the root cause of your skin condition. This could be a holistic MD, an acupuncturist, Naturopathic Physician, Ayurvedic physician. I hope this information can helpful for you in finding a solution to your itchy face and skin problems.

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