Skincare with 10 Ingredients or less

by Sandy
(Marysville OH, USA)

Rignt now people with rosacea are being told to use skin care and make-up that contain 10 ingredients or less. I have searched and have not been able to find anything with that few ingredients. Do you know of any on the market and if so would they be good for you? They tell you to use sun-screen but that also has a whole list of ingredients. Tried the whole Bare Mineral's and it made my face break out and itch. My Dermatologist told me to stay away from Mineral Make-up. You would think a Derm Dr. could tell you what to use.

Our reply

Hi Sandy, thanks for your message. Yes, this is good advice for people with rosacea and anyone with sensitive skin. The more ingredients a product has, the more possibilities that one of them is something that you may react to.

Yes, Bare Minerals has a short list of product ingredients, but unfortunately one of them is Bismuth Oxychloride which has caused severe rashes for some people. One of article pages on the Best Mineral Makeup for Sensitive Skin shares more about some of the ingredients in mineral makeup that can be irritating.

Yes, it is difficult to find a good sunscreen that doesn't have a lot of ingredients. We have a page with suggestions on how to find a good Sensitive
Skin Sunscreen
that you may find helpful.

Yes, it is possible to find skincare products with less than 10 ingredients. The trouble is finding ones that also work well and will not irritate your skin! I definitely empathize with your challenges.

The products I recommend for rosacea, acne, and sensitive skin care have less than 10 ingredients per product and are made by Cleure. They make the only brand of hypoallergenic products I've been able to find which are safe, nontoxic, and also, free from plant allergens.

They make hair care, skin care, dental and cosmetic products, and the ingredients lists of all the products are short and most are much less than 10 ingredients. I use almost all their products and they work really well, and last a long time. I checked the ingredients in their facial skincare pack and there are 10 or less in all four products.

Their loose mineral makeup has no Bismuth Oxychloride and I've never had any of my visitors complain of skin irritation problems when using their products.

A few of their liquid and pressed cosmetics, and some of the products in their bargain area still contain parabens, which I don't recommend for sensitive skin, but these are clearly marked in the "ingredients" section.

I hope you find these helpful Sandy and please let us know how they work for you!

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May 25, 2014
where to find cleure products in kampala Uganda
by: Anonymous

hello am Angel....are the cleure. products available in Uganda ...if yes where could I find them. thanks ..

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