Struggling With Acne and Chronic Skin Rash

by Lusanda
(East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa)

i am 28 years of age. i always have fine rash on my face, my dr prescribed a steroid cream for my face and when i stop using it my face becomes very itchy,burning and red with very bad rashes, now i have to completely depend on it to keep my face better. but i now notice that it is also not helping anymore. my skin is never smooth like other women. and this makes me feel very ugly.

I also big pimples during my periods and those leave my face with spots and i feel very ugly and uncomfortable to show my face, i cover my sports with my hair.

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Oct 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Iam 45 years old & suffering from redness on nose
,bumps & veins are also visible .This area of face is very itchy & becomes red when i go in sun.I have been applying desonide 0.5 but it comes back when i discontinue the ointment

Sep 08, 2010
I hope we can help
by: Mashubi

Hi Lusanda, I'm so sorry for the difficulty you are experiencing with chronic skin rashes and acne. I hope our site can be helpful.

First, I'd recommend you visit this area of our site What Causes Sensitive Skin? which will help you to find out the cause of your skin rashes. Our bodies often develop skin irritation for a reason, and if you can find out what that is, you can eliminate the source of the problem and clear up the rash naturally.

There are two other resources you may find helpful. Our free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally can be of help to you, as it contains a simple, five step program that will help you to reduce the irritants that contribute to sensitive skin problems.

You may also find our section on Acne Sensitive Skin Care helpful, as it has many suggestions specific to helping you to reduce acne breakouts.

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