Struggling with acne and health

by Chris

My sensitive skincare is indeed impressing when I first discovered, i signed up for newsletters and start reading the e-book on "How to clear any skin problem naturally" well, i just read up to half of the book. I would like to get some advice from those professionals that really able to eliminate my problems. I just face acne conditions lately, i'm 17 this year, within two-three years time, my skin is in a very bad condition, I consulted local dermatologists that my acne causes by poor health and diet care, they suggest me to a dietitian, and gave me some medications which i refuse to take. Then I visited skin care specialist, they assured me my skin troubles will be eliminated after treatments that they suggested. The treatment is provided with the skincare, after certain period of time, my skin complexions, acne condition greatly improved! I discontinued their products and opted out to use skincare from various brand which made my acne conditions back, then i done a little research on hazardous chemicals in toiletries, then i discovered how much chemicals i spread over my face! All those skincare i bought only had temporary results, what the companies claimed doesn't really prove on my skin. Then, i keen on research online on organic and chemical free cosmetic lines, i found them which made me out of the blue, but those products also contained a little amount of hazardous chemical inside. I'm taking supplements from health companies which made my acne reduces to very little breakouts, but the acne still didn't stop, i wonder the root of the outbreaks. My health wasn't too well all the while, i'm a frequent visitor to the hospitals. Medications previously i taken had really greatly put my health at risk to diseases. My blood pressure wasn't stable at the while, the highest i checked my blood pressure was at 150/85 (around these figures). My blood sugar always at the borderline, around 6.0, my recent blood test report reported me had iron deficiency, my liver and kidney is quite weak, and i still done nothing with those complications, from what i known a healthy lifestyle and diet will change my current condition to normal again. I also take metabolism balancing supplement, as i know stress triggers acne, which this supplement had help me to reduce those flare ups. What can i do to help myself?

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