The India story that lacks glow

by shyma

Hi, I am Shyma, a 28-year old working woman from India. I have always had sensitive skin, and I am constantly looking for ways to eat healthier, and use mild effective products. In my desperate attempt at wanting flawless glowing skin, I sometimes end up doing more harm than good to my skin. I came across this website in 2009 and that is when I realized that even natural products like lemon juice, yoghurt, sandalwood powder, clay can harm skin if used excessively. This realization has helped me care for my skin better. I am still struggling with my skin, for example uneven tone, sun tan and dullness. One of the things that has worked for me is plain gram flour with which I wash my face once a day; it does a world of good to my skin and never feels harsh no matter how sensitive my skin feels. I also use sunscreen every single day. My aim in the next few months is to replace harsh beauty products with milder ones (sunscreen, night cream, face pack). I am trying to order ***z-cleure.shtml*** but products from the USA work out to be extremely expensive due to huge shipping charges. I will continue to search for simple effective toxin-free products; any suggestions are most welcome.

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Jan 03, 2013
Ongoing learning about sensitive skin - seeking suggestions
by: Shyma

Thanks Mashubi for your comments on my story.

I am looking to your website to help me deal with my issues related to skin, and make the right choices.

What you said makes a lot of sense. I have experienced similar things. Sometimes, my skin feels dull and tired even after I had good sleep, ate healthy, drank enough water etc. On certain days, my skin looks really good for no particular reason.

All Indian "natural" products are laden with fragrances and parabens, and I continue to feel disappointed. Based on your reviews of Cleure products, I ordered them twice. Unfortunately, I did not receive the products on both occasions. I lost my money, and cannot afford to try another time. If however, there is any way you can help me buy Cleure products, please let me know.

I have purchased Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizing lotion. They are fragrance free and mild and do not irritate my skin, but the cleanser has SLS and parabens. Cetaphil is the only safe/mild option in India that I know of, but if you know of any other international brand that I could try please let me know, and I will check in the local shops if they have them.

I also wanted to the order the Xtend life skin lightening cream that you talk about on your site. However, buying online seems risky to me after the Cleure experience.

Please continue to build this site as I think it helps several people. Keep up the good work. Your suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks a ton.

Jan 02, 2013
Ongoing learning about sensitive skin
by: My Sensitive Skin Care

Hello Shyma! Thank you for your message and for sharing your experiences. Yes, it can be expensive to purchase products internationally, and so I encourage you to continue to look for sensitive skincare solutions that will be affordable and easy to find in your location.

One thing I have learned recently about sensitive skin is how much our skin can change over time in response to life changes, stress or for reasons we don't fully understand. I've heard many of my visitors say that their skin suddenly began breaking out even though they didn't do anything new or different!

I've experienced this in my own life and sometimes it has not been possible to really pinpoint exactly what the problem is. I have found that sometimes our bodies simply need a change, and so it can be helpful to rotate skincare and haircare products or home remedies. I am now doing this daily and it seems to help somewhat.

Another thing I've found is how much impact our hair care products have on our entire bodies and skin. I know this already, but recently I have had a more direct experience of how certain hair care products help me to feel better and more energized, and others seem to have a more neutral or negative effect.

Please continue to share your experiences when you can, as we can all learn from one another!

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