too sensitive....

by Nicole

Without telling you my real age, I would just liket to ask, why do I still get pimples at my age.
I try hard to take care of my skin clean and healthy.
Im obviously using the wrong products, my skin looks dull, tired and just not bright enough.
I exfoliate every 3 days. I use sensitive gentle soap in the shower. I even use a vitamin C spray, which contains which hazel, that supposed to make you're skin fresh and bright.....grrrrr to much out there claiming the the same, but in reality....nothing really works.
The only thing I can say really works, is eating healthy and lots of exercise.
Help me please.........

Our reply

Hi, thanks for your message. Yes, you words of wisdom are true ... healthy eating and exercise will brighten your skin. the other thing that can help if you're getting breakouts is cleansing and detoxification, although this needs to be done at the right time, and I recommend you do it with your doctor or health professional.

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