Trying to Treat Eczema and Runner's Acne

by Samantha
(Fairfield, Ohio, USA)

My name is Samantha. I've suffered from eczema since I was only a year old. It used to just be on my legs. Then it got very bad on my hands. Now it has spread to my chin, eyelids, scalp, breasts, and privates. Name a product, I've tried it. At least 3 different doctors have given me things that are supposed to help, plus nurses and advice from friends. I am desperate for some relief. I hate the redness and flakiness of my skin. I could handle the itching, but the appearance of my skin has given a severe blow to my self confidence. I feel like I won't ever see myself as pretty again. I just want to heal my skin.

Since I've started exercising, I've also gotten horrible runner's acne on my chest. I've got moisture wicking clothes, I shower as soon as I'm done, but it won't go away. So my other goal is to clear up that acne.

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