Well, you wouldnt know by looking at me but I am an Esthetician and my skin has gone crazy!

by Coreen
(Seattle, Wa)

I have always has sensitive skin. I had terrible eczema as a child on my body. I remember being embarrassed by this as the back of my legs, arms, feet and wrist were constantly inching and covered in scabby rashes. As I got older it seems I outgrew it for the most part. Sometimes I will get it on my hands or arms.
These days its my face I am afraid to show. I have been battling dry, flaky, itchy, super sensitive skin for several years now.
I feel like I find something that works and then a week later my face is bright red and unbearably uncomfortable. I have tried so many different products that seem to relieve my skin and then BOOM! Explosion! My face has erupted again! It stings, burns, peels and my neck itches like crazy.

Did I mention I'm an Esthetician? yeah, lets not talk about that now...

I love the concept of this book and I look forward to following the steps and seeing improvident in my skin.

I skimmed the E-book and basically I know that exercise, drinking water, eating healthy and getting enough sleep all contribute to your skin and physical appearance.

I really want to challenge myself to follow these steps. I am aware I need more structure in my life. I need to eat healthier and exercise more often. Actually, I think what I need to do is to slow down... I feel like I'm always searching for instant gratification whether its a new skin cream or a pizza delivery.

I'm going to be honest. I am terrible at sticking with new routines. I am also aware that changes need to be made. I am sick of my irritated, red, inflamed skin. My intention is to follow through with the exercises in this book.

Thats all for now.

Our reply

Hi Coreen, thanks for sharing! yes, it is a challenge for most of us to adapt to new lifestyle routines, even ones that we know are better for us.

Then there are the parts of ourselves that simply don't want to change, even if it is a good change!

I have found that making one positive change and then sticking with it is much more effective than doing everything at once ...

And also sensitive skin will react to even positive changes, so it really is better to go slowly, one step at a time.

I hope that you find the book and the suggestions helpful! One of the benefits you will be able to share with your clients as you find new solutions for your sensitive skin, is your own personal experience. I hope our site can continue to be helpful to you!

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