Xtend Life Reviews Part 2

If you've been reading my site and eBook, you may know that I am an advocate of the Less is More approach to sensitive skin. When your skin is OVERWHELMED, give it a break! Don't put more creams and lotions on your already stressed out skin.

I was living through an unbelievably difficult time in my life, and my skin had become so blotchy that I had to stop using ALL skincare products.

Yes, I was on a total “skincare product fast” and I didn't even use home remedies on my skin! Just water was all I could tolerate. I figured that this would be a great test of the Xtend life skincare products.

In addition to blotchy skin and breakouts, it was summertime so the humidity and heat were creating enlarged pores and accentuating the ahem, wrinkles on my face.

I don't mind that I am in my “mature” years, but given the choice between a sagging and bagging face, and one that is more vibrant and firm, I DEFINITELY prefer to look the way I feel inside! :)

My Other Sensitive Skincare Testers

My dear husband who is close to my age, also has sensitive skin, but did not have any breakouts. He was mostly suffering from a lot of sun damage, as we lived for a while in a very sunny climate that really had an impact on his skin.

My Mom (obviously older than me) also is dealing with some sun damage and scarring, and she is grateful to try anything that can help. She tried one product, the Foaming Facial Cleanser that I was not able to test.

My Xtend Life Reviews - The Bottom Line

My own experience trying the XtendLife creams is that they did NOT irritate my skin, even though I was in the middle of a massive episode of facial breakouts.

Like all skincare products the Xtend Life men's and women's skincare they have their pluses and minuses, (and there is one product in the line that I do NOT recommend for sensitive skin) but overall I was pleased with their performance.

We all experienced a noticeable antiagiging and wrinkle reduction effect, along with improved skin tone.

Our Results - Women's and Men's Xtend Life Skincare Products

My ratings are based on my own experiences, and that of my other family members. I rated the products for the following:

Effectiveness - did they actually make our skin look better?

Affordability - this is a subjective opinion, but I am looking for products that offer a good value of performace, and yet don't raise your blood pressure when you look at the price! :)

Safety - Are the ingredients safe, non-toxic, and likely to NOT cause your skin to break out? This is a more complex question but I will share with you my thoughts about this.

Xtendlife Men's and Women's Skincare Products

The Xtend Life Mens and Womens products are very product line is similar, with the exception of a Men's Serum which is specifically geared towards the needs of men's facial skin.

We tried most of the products in both the Men's and Women's line, and later on I will write more reviews on the individual products. For now here are our results overall, and also my comments on the Xtend Life skincare products ingredients and their potential impact on sensitive skin.

My Overall Rating for Xtend Life Skin Care

Effectiveness -
The products delivered an outstanding result to all three of our testers.

Affordability -
Compared to most high quality natural skincare products, the Xtendlife skincare is relatively affordable.

Safety -
The products are safer than most antiaging skincare products, but are not as safe as the other brands we recommend.

Xtend Life Reviews - Immediate Results

I had a fantastic experience using the products. My skin was a mess when I started, and the months without any skincare products had added to the visible signs of aging on my face.

Also, I was dealing with some sun damage on one arm from driving in a VERY sunny climate for many years, without a clue, and forgetting to use sun protection.

Within ONE DAY of using the Xtend Life z-xtend-life-body-lotion.shtml on my arms, I noticed a visible reduction in the wrinkles.

Within THREE DAYS I noticed a visible improvement in my facial skin tone, and a reduction of wrinkles on my face after using the Day and Night Creams.

I noticed the same immediate results on my husband's face, the sun damage began to fade and his skin became more vibrant and smooth. He is rather hard to please and so this was something!

My Mom had glowing reports about the new Foaming Facial Cleanser product. That one has some fragrance, so I couldn't test it myself, but she gave it 5 stars. I DON"T recommend their facial cleanser if you are sensitive to fragrances, or if you have very sensitive skin.

Most Outstanding Xtend Life Products We Tried

Especially nice were the following:

Mens Facial Serum - this produced noticeable and quick results and my husband loved it and is planning to get more.

Hydrating Facial Mask - I found this incredibly and deliciously moisturizing, great for wintertime dry skin.

Safety of Xtend Life product Ingredients

As I have said, some of the ingredients in the Xtend Life product line concern me, and I am in the process of researching this further, but the concerns are not enough for me to stop using them.

These products provide a very important option for those of us with sensitive skin, as they contain just a few carefully chosen bioactive ingredients that produce noticeable results, rathee than a very long list of different ingredients.

The benefit of this is that it is much LESS likely that you will have a skin breakout when using their products.

For me, these products actually REDUCED my skin inflammation and blotchiness, AND they created a beautiful and glowing complexion.

I DO feel that you need to know some of the details about product ingredients so you can make your own informed decision. I'm not a scientist, and also I don't have a tremendous amount of time to devote to researching product ingredients.

I've done some research on the individual ingredients that make up their product line. The bottom line is that their ingredients are not 100% free of possible irritants, but compared to MOST anti-aging products, they are better.

All but one of the products are free of fragrances, which is a big plus in my book, and they also do NOT contain a long list of different bioactive ingredients.

Their product line focuses on a few carefully chosen anti aging ingredients. They are free of parabens and most of the major irritants you will find in other skin care product lines.

Environment Working Group Ratings of XtendLife Creams

The Environmental Working Group rates many personal care and skincare products on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the safest and 10 being the most hazardous to health.

This organization is not perfect in their ratings, but they do their best to offer information of the research that has been done about different cosmetic ingredients.

Three of the Xtendlife products are rated 3 to 4, the lowest level of their "yellow light" rating, as a mild to moderate health risk. You can see the details here.

In comparison, the overall Environmental Working Group rating for Cleure, one of the other product lines we recommend, is 0 to 2, a "green light" rating as one of the safest choices.

Cleure products are very mild and excellent quality and if your skin is VERY sensitive I would recommend you try those first, however in my experience, they don't provide as much of a noticeable anti-aging effect if you are looking for a quick wrinkle reduction experience.

Some Xtend Life Cream Ingredients Which I Have Questions About

Here are my thoughts on some of the product ingredients which concern me in the Xtend Life product line. This being said, a lot depends on the manufacturer of the skincare products.

Xtend Life does manufacture their own products, and their CEO is quite discerning about product safety, so I do give them some benefit of the doubt. That being said, here are some of my questions.

  1. Cocamide DEA is a synthetic form of coconut oil which is used as a foaming agent and is considered a moderate hazard because there is some question about whether it may be carcinogenic and toxic to the body. Though evidence is limited, this is something to consider. Cocamide DEA is a known allergen, so it may not be well tolerated by those with sensitive skin.

  2. PEG-7 GLYCERYL COCOATE, also known as POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL (7) GLYCERYL MONOCOCOATE; POLYOXYETHYLENE (7) or GLYCERYL MONOCOCOATE is considered a moderate hazard as it can be contaminated with ETHYLENE OXIDE or 1,4-DIOXANE. This would depend on the source of the ingredients, and I do know that Xtend Life is very careful with their product sources.

  3. Phenoxyethanol is used as a preservative or fragrance and is considered a moderate hazard, with some irritation possible and in the EU is not permitted in products used on the lips or mouth.

Xtend Life has some detailed information on their product ingredients and you can learn more about what they say at their site XtendLife skincare products.

I have been communicating with the company about my questions and will update this page as I learn more.

Why Do I Recommend Xtendlife Creams?

The main reason that I recommend Xtend-Life skincare is because they work well, they are relatively safe and non-irritating, AND I trust the company.

They manufacture their own products, their CEO is very knowledgeable about health, and he stays in regular contact with customers.

I found the Xtend Life Skincare creams to be very gentle, effective and non-irritating. Their pricing is reasonable compared to most anti-aging products. The company ships worldwide and guarantees their products so you can try them without risk.

In addition to the products we tried, they offer a natural skin whitening cream and a very nice eye serum.

Later on I will add more information about the specific products I tried so you can have more details about each of them.

I recommend the XtendLife skincare products if you are looking for an effective, fragrance free, paraben free antiaging skincare line that is unlikely to irritate your sensitive skin. Return to Review Part 1

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