Review of Ziran Body Care Products

This review of ZiRan Body Care Products offers my personal experience of this new hand crafted, natural body care product line. ZiRan Body products are made with pure, natural ingredients, are very reasonably priced, and are available in unscented versions for those who have fragrance allergies or sensitive skin.

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I was contacted by the owner of ZiRan who requested a product review and sent me some product samples. I received one each of their products, including one unscented lotion.

The product ingredients contain no parabens or chemical preservatives that can potentially cause skin irritation, and products are made fresh to order.

ZiRan Body Care Products Ingredients

When a company contacts me for a product review, the first thing I look at is the ingredients list of the products. Are they the kind of ingredients that I would want to put on my skin? You can learn more about the ingredients I prefer to avoid here at our safe cosmetics page.

All of the ZiRan body care products are formulated with pure, natural ingredients that do not contain chemical irritants, and so I was happy to sample them and share my experience.

Here are the ingredients of each product:

Basically Beautiful Lotion

ziran body lotion

Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Honey, Vegetable Emulsifying wax , Vitamin E, Grapefruitseed Extract, optional Essential Oils

All Natural Body Butter

ziran body butter

Purified Distilled Water, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Raw African Shea Butter, Vegetable Emulsifying wax , Vitamin E, Grapefruitseed Extract, Your choice of Essential Oils

Super Scrub Soap

ziran body soap

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Purified Distilled Water, Raw African Shea Butter, Tallow, Vitamin E, Grapefruitseed Extract, Lye. Essential Oils

Initial Impressions of the ZiRan Products

The products arrive promptly and were attractively packaged in Earth friendly containers. This company uses recycled materials for their packaging and shipping ingredients. Yay!

In my experience, these products are made with a lot of love and care. When you open the package, you feel nurtured and pampered! Even better, you know that you are not harming your body or the Earth by using them.

My Experience With ZiRan Body Care Products

I am extremely sensitive to fragrances, and so I am unable to use any kind of scented products. There are some mild essential oils that I can tolerate, but this is unusual.

For this reason I requested that one of the product samples be unscented, and so my sample of Basically Beautiful Lotion contained no essential oils.

These products are absolutely delightful to use! The Basically Beautiful Lotion is pure white, creamy, and feels heavenly and very nourishing on the skin. There was no scent to the product and my husband loved it as well. The product moisturizes well and leaves the skin feeling supple and healthy.

The All Natural Body Butter was pure white, creamy and luxurious on the skin. We received a sample of the Exotica scent, which was too strong for me, but one of our partners absolutely loved it! This product also moisturizes well and is great for the feet and the whole body.

The Super Scrub Soap lathered well on the skin with a rich lather that also provided moisture so that my skin was not dry when I used it.

This soap is scented with Eucalyptus and Lemon and the scent was present but not too strong so I was able to use the soap even though I am sensitive to fragrance.

Learning About Using Natural Body Care Products

One of the challenges of using natural skin care products is that without harsh preservatives, the products can spoil more quickly. In particular, products with natural oils can become rancid, even with natural preservatives.

This is particularly true of natural products that do not contain essential oils, as the essential oils provide some natural preservative effects.

The ZiRan products contain instructions to use within 6 months of opening them, to keep the products fresh.

I live in an area that gets a lot of sunlight even in the winter, which can heat up not only our metal mailboxes (which are way from the house so we don't check every day!) but also the skylight in our bathroom.

I found that my Unscented body lotion began to spoil more quickly in my warm and sunny environment, so I recommend several things to keep your ZiRan products fresh for their full shelf life ...

  • Pick the products up from your mailbox right away, don't let the package sit in the sun.
  • Store the products in a cool, dark place ... don't leave them near a window!
  • If you buy more than you will use, store some of the product in your fridge.

Pricing of ZiRan Body Care Products

Another one of the challenges of using many brands of natural body care products is that they can be expensive! It is not easy for manufacturers to use quality ingredients and to keep prices affordable.

This is another one of the benefits of the ZiRan products. They are very affordably priced, and most are currently under $10 each, with greater discounts for purchasing several at a time. This affordable pricing makes it possible for many people, even those on a limited budget, to enjoy the benefits of safe and effective natural body care products that nourish the skin.

My Experience With ZiRan Body Care Products

In my experience of using ZiRan products, they are created with care, and they provide safe, natural nourishment, cleansing and moisturizing for the skin.

The unscented Basically Beautiful Lotion is an excellent option for those who are sensitive to fragrances. The Super Scrub Soap has some essential oils but the scent was not strong, so it may also be a good choice if you can tolerate some scents.

The All Natural Body Butter comes in a variety of scents that also provide the healing benefits of aromatherapy and natural essential oils.

The products are beautifully packaged and shipped with recycled and environmentally friendly materials that are friendly to the Earth. They are affordable and provide a gentle and luxurious treat for your skin.

Like all natural skin care products, you will need to take special care with them so that they don't spoil. Keep them away from heat and sun, and use them within 6 months.

I think you'll love using them!

Update - these products are no longer available, however you can find some of our most recent product recommendations at our Safest Skincare Product page..

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