Questions About Rosacea and Facial Exercise

It was very nice to read your e-book "How to clean any skin problems naturally": it is amazing how simple things can be really helpful. Thank you very much for the nice recommendations. Even though I follow majority of these important rules and beyond but I have rosacea. I wanted to ask your advices, suggestions.

I am 34 years old female, have a light extremely sensitive skin. The redness is mainly on my cheeks, nose, chin with some pustules (on my cheeks, chin) which appear and disappear by themselves and some red pimples: it is like some red spots under or on my skin (sometimes some new pimples can appear and they can be painful). Also, sometimes some pimples appear on my forehead. But this redness does not give me any burning sensation, it is not itchy: I do not feel this redness I just see: it looks like a permanent sunburn plus with some red pimples all over.

I wanted to ask if I can do Carolyn's Facial Fitness having this condition: I am concern if rosacea will not be aggravated by stretching my face? Have you ever tried Carolyn's Facial Fitness Skincare products?

You mentioned about Cleure cosmetics: is it better than Carolyn's cosmetics even though she has a natural line?

What is the best for a younger sensitive skin prone to redness? Could you please recommend anything else what I can do in order to treat this terrible rosacea: like I mentioned I do EVERYTHING possible to treat this condition but unfortunately, it is still unresolved... It is extremely frustrating doing SO MANY things and having this stubborn rosacea with these pimples!!!

Thank you very much for your help.

Our reply

Thanks very much for your warm words about our eBook, I am so glad you find it helpful!

I understand how frustrating it is to try seemingly everything, and to still run into the same problems with your sensitive skin!

I do not personally have rosacea, nor am I a medical doctor, however from my research, gentle facial exercise (that does not cause sweating or overheating) can be helpful for rosacea, to tone the muscles and normalize blood flow to the face.

In answer to your question:

You mentioned about Cleure cosmetics: is it better than Carolyn's cosmetics even though she has a natural line?

When it comes to skincare for sensitive skin, there is no one product line that will be perfect for all people with all skin conditions.

The Cleure and Carolyn's
facial fitness skincare are two very different product lines, for different purposes.

The benefit of Cleure - these are very gentle hypoallergenic products with no plant allergens, no salicyates or gluten, and no irritating chemicals (except for a few of their older cosmetics .. please see our safe skin care products page for their paraben free cosmetics. They work very well and do not add irritation to sensitive skin.

The benefit of Carolyn's Facial Fitness Skincare - these products are mostly organic and natural, and free of toxic ingredients, and they are formulated specifically to help aging skin.

They are an "active" skincare line which has bioactive ingredients which are designed to provide a specific treatment to the skin. They are not considered hypoallergenic, because they contain plant ingredients which may cause a reaction for some people with sensitive skin. They don't have a long list of ingredients, which is a plus for sensitive skin, and they really work to create a visible benefit for the skin.

What is the best for a younger sensitive skin prone to redness?

We have a page of our site on tips to help reduce facial redness which has some recommendations.

There is one product line on our wholesale skin care products page that you may find helpful for a more long term healing process on your skin. The information on this line is available through the e-mail sign up box on that page.

This kind of healing process for the skin takes a while and does not provide overnight results, however may help to balance out the redness. We've seen some help for people with rosacea using these products, however the results are completely individual to each person. You will know intuitively whether you might be a good match for this type of approach.

I am always looking for new ways to help rosacea and facial redness, as a number of our members are struggling with this condition. For those out there reading this message who are struggling with Rosacea, please share your tips and what has worked for you!

One additional thought for you, as I've done quite a bit of research on this. It appears that the underlying causes of rosacea are a build up of excessive heat in the body.

These are the kinds of symptoms that can benefit from alternative therapies such as Acupuncture, which is able to rebalance the body systems. Many people with stubborn chronic skin conditions that do not respond to topical treatments find that Acupuncture is useful.

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