Ultra Sensitive Skin - Finally Starting to Improve

by JB
(Kent UK)

I'm a 47 yr old redhead with a 30 year history of sensitive skin - made worse incidentally by a serious case of food poisoning nearly six years ago. I have been left intolerant to dairy, egg yolks - basically anything high fat or high fibre (eg raw vegetables and the skin on fruit). To get by I turned to soya products gradually increasing the range of what soya foods I ate. I used a botanical skincare and makeup range and for 4 years everything was great, my skin was happy. Then all of a sudden my face reacted to the products (red, swollen, itchy and burning). I haven't worn any make-up for a year and still had awful symptoms including a rash on my back and an itchy scalp.

After 18 months of this I turned to my GP who diagnosed rosacea and prescribed anti biotics. After two tablets I was ill ! I spoke to my pharmacist who suggested that it wasn't rosacea but a reaction and he sold me some probiotic tablets. An hour after the first tablet, relief. My face cooled. I cut out soya products and my face has continued to "heal". I tested out the soya on Saturday and before I'd even finished eating it (margarine) my face burned and my scalp itched....!

I found this website (week 1) and have been drinking water, upped my veg and fruit, stuck to my yoga exercises and washed my face in filtered, boiled water. I use oatmeal and it is fantastic. Over the years I had thought I had oily skin because I had spots, but I don't it is just ultra sensitive. I put a tablespoon of oats in a cut down stocking/pop sock tied off with a knot and agitate and squeeze it in warm water. Soak a soft cotton muslin in the oatmilk and gently wipe my face (as if it is delicate porcelain) and this week has seen a massive improvement in my face. The redness and soreness is reducing by the day and not one spot - 6 days and nothing. An added bonus is that it makes my hands beautifully soft.

I believe I am allergic or intolerant to soya and botanicals because since removing these, and following the advice on this site I am recovering. Thanks so much. Just purchased a book on facial exercises so that's going to start next week.....

Our reply

Hi JB, thanks so much for sharing your story. I am so glad our advice has been helpful to you in improving your skin! I hope that your experience can help others as well who find themselves reacting to products and medications. I wish you much success with your new facial exercise program!

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Jul 11, 2012
Excellent tip!
by: My Sensitive Skin Care

Thanks Ann, that is an excellent tip, and definitely worth looking into. We have more on this at our page on symptoms of gluten allergy.

Jul 10, 2012
just a thought...
by: ann

I wanted to suggest your issue may also involve gluten....look for hydrolozyed wheat protein, anything barley or rye. Also eliminate wheat/gluten in your diet. A CNC and also speaking from personal experience!

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